Robot 6: Unbound: Joe Infurnari on the Process

Brigid Alverson, writer of the webcomics column at Robot 6, recently contacted me about doing an interview regarding the Process. The thrust of her piece was to be how webcomics end; sometimes prematurely and of natural causes. I'll admit that I was embarrassed to be singled out as exemplary of this but I agreed to answer her questions. The results of that interview are now available at the Comic Book Resources blog and I think it's a good interview. Here's a tidbit:

Brigid: Will you finish it, online or in print, or has it served its purpose already?

Joe: The Process was set up to be a very large epic story that tried to encompass as much of my imagination/psychology as I could get. It was an exercise that I created for myself to keep me making art and exploring new art styles and storytelling techniques. As such, the Process has been a success and has actually never stopped for me. I'm working on Ultra-lad, a character that comes directly out of the Process, and wherever possible the ideas that I had for the Process are incorporated into other projects. If I were to wax mythic/poetic about this, I would say that the passing of the Process is like the death of Orpheus whose dismembered head and hands continue to play and sing music as they float down the Hebrus. I've scavenged different pieces of it for different projects and its ideas still resonate with me and my work to this day.

There's plenty more at the site itself. To read the rest of the interview, click here. Thanks Brigid!

The Best American Comics Recognizes "the Process"

BAC2009Just today I picked up a copy of The Best American Comics 2009, the comics anthology series by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. This year it's guest edited by Charles Burns and it was to my delight that I found out that  the Process has been included in the 'Notable Comics' section! Sure it would have been nice to see it excerpted in the book, but this is a wonderful honor all the same. Thank you so much!

Announcing: The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad!

Ultra-Lad! Well, it's finally official. My none too subtle hints and news leaks have been pretty transparent but here's the official announcement. Look to the Act-i-vate site for my upcoming webcomic, "The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad" in early June. I'll have more exact information as we approach launch so please stay tuned.

This story is a future chapter of the Process and it is a standalone story. It's comprised of scans of a long lost comic from early in the last century so the print quality and pages are a little worn and deteriorated with age. The comic title is "The New Adventures of Ultra-Lad" and this issue's story is entitled, "The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad". Here's the logo design as best as I've been able to reconstruct it.


So there you have it. Aren't you excited! I sure am and I'll be posting more teasers prior to launch. Once we get that show on the road things will get a little more regular here on this site as well. Your patience and my hard work will be rewarded.

This Could Be YOU!

Here's proof that satisfaction is guaranteed when you commission a sketch. Not only did I get an email when the piece was delivered but an email full of photos posing with the sketch! This level of enthusiasm deserves recognition and here it is: wrprintz.jpg

This gentleman is a fan of this project and was particularly keyed up about Ultra-Lad. So much so in fact, that I had to warn him that if he sent me any more ideas about the character, I'd have to credit him! In all sincerity, this sort of thing really makes me feel good…it's not often that I get to meet someone this excited about one of my creations. Frankly, his enthusiasm is infectious and I am very thankful to have his support. Cheers, you are a Prince among men

Want to join in the love? Well, it's a simple donation away. A $25 donation gets you a black and white sketch and a $50 donation or more gets you a full color sketch such as this. Please note, photos of you with the sketch are optional and public display of said photos is not required.

Eisner Voting Now Online!

Hey, Industry Professionals! It's that time again where we all vote for our favorite Eisner nominees. This year, as many of you already know, I've been nominated in the Best Digital Comic category for the Process. This is a huge deal to me so if you haven't already seen the webcomic, go check it out. Your journey through the Process starts here. When you're done, head on over to the Eisner voting website, and cast your vote for your favorites. If you took a shine to the Process and think it deserves wider recognition, I would very much appreciate your vote! Thanks for your support, everyone!