Announcing: The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad!

Ultra-Lad! Well, it's finally official. My none too subtle hints and news leaks have been pretty transparent but here's the official announcement. Look to the Act-i-vate site for my upcoming webcomic, "The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad" in early June. I'll have more exact information as we approach launch so please stay tuned.

This story is a future chapter of the Process and it is a standalone story. It's comprised of scans of a long lost comic from early in the last century so the print quality and pages are a little worn and deteriorated with age. The comic title is "The New Adventures of Ultra-Lad" and this issue's story is entitled, "The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad". Here's the logo design as best as I've been able to reconstruct it.


So there you have it. Aren't you excited! I sure am and I'll be posting more teasers prior to launch. Once we get that show on the road things will get a little more regular here on this site as well. Your patience and my hard work will be rewarded.