Robot 6: Unbound: Joe Infurnari on the Process

Brigid Alverson, writer of the webcomics column at Robot 6, recently contacted me about doing an interview regarding the Process. The thrust of her piece was to be how webcomics end; sometimes prematurely and of natural causes. I'll admit that I was embarrassed to be singled out as exemplary of this but I agreed to answer her questions. The results of that interview are now available at the Comic Book Resources blog and I think it's a good interview. Here's a tidbit:

Brigid: Will you finish it, online or in print, or has it served its purpose already?

Joe: The Process was set up to be a very large epic story that tried to encompass as much of my imagination/psychology as I could get. It was an exercise that I created for myself to keep me making art and exploring new art styles and storytelling techniques. As such, the Process has been a success and has actually never stopped for me. I'm working on Ultra-lad, a character that comes directly out of the Process, and wherever possible the ideas that I had for the Process are incorporated into other projects. If I were to wax mythic/poetic about this, I would say that the passing of the Process is like the death of Orpheus whose dismembered head and hands continue to play and sing music as they float down the Hebrus. I've scavenged different pieces of it for different projects and its ideas still resonate with me and my work to this day.

There's plenty more at the site itself. To read the rest of the interview, click here. Thanks Brigid!

Comic Book Resources Reviews The Act-i-vate Primer!

PrimerMockup In his four star review of the Primer, Chad Nevett had this to say about "Memoirs of the 'Kid Immortal'":

…classic comic-looking work of Joe Infurnari on “Memoirs of the ‘Kid Immortal,’” a fantastic story where he does two regular-looking comic pages on each page, telling the story of a wrestler who shares his time with a superhero counterpart.

Click here to read the rest of the review. Thanks, Chad!

Comic Book Resources Interview with Mark Waid

Leading up to the release of Jersey Gods #3 and the start of Tales from the Great War I got a chance to chat with Mark Waid about the project. The results of our little exchange are now up online at Comic Book Resources. Here's an excerpt:

MW: Am I giving you enough flexibility and freedom with these scripts?

JI: Well, let me see. For the first script, I added a panel to draw out a moment and it seemed to slip past you at the layout, pencil and inking stages. When it came to doing the second script, I was emboldened enough to add a few insert panels here and there. Those seemed to get past you, too! The way I see things going, I pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever I want. Here’s an exclusive scoop: readers can expect to see Pirate Clown Centaurs invade the Jersey Gods Universe by part three! Part four!? The sky’s the limit!

In all seriousness, the scripts have afforded me a lot of room to play. I get the pleasure of imagining and creating a lot of characters to populate this world and within that there is a fair amount of breadth. There are drunken pretty girls, titanic monsters and a host of Kirby-style heroes that I have had the pleasure of bringing to life. That also touches on another great thing about these scripts, their wonderful blend of supercharged action, humor and intergenerational family drama! They are a lot of fun.

And there's lots more where that came from! Go read the entire piece here: