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Robot 6 Covers Earth 2100

Comic Book Resources' Blog, Robot 6, gave Earth 2100 some love today, too! Jk Parkin had this to say about the project:


As Kevin mentioned yesterday, ABC News will present an environmental special called Earth 2100, which is hosted by Bob Woodruff and will feature a graphic novel-style sequences by Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, Joe Infurnari, George O’Connor, Tim Hamilton and Leland Purvis. The special runs tonight on ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern.

From Kamandi and Scout to “Old Man Logan,” comics have had a long history of detailing life after everything falls apart, and it’s pretty cool to see that ABC noticed.

Thanks, JK!

The Transmigration of ULTRA-lad! UPDATED!


This week we return to the action at New Crown City's town square. Big changes are afoot as the Drago-saurus Mech is resurrected in another deadly form! Click the banner above or the links below for the latest updates!

To read this week's update, click here: http://act-i-vate.com/56-2-20.comic

To read last week's update, click here: http://act-i-vate.com/56-2-19.comic

To read from the beginning of Chapter 2, click here: http://act-i-vate.com/56-2-1.comic

To read from the very beginning, click here: http://act-i-vate.com/56.comic

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Next-Door Neighbor Story Monday!


This Monday December 8th, I'll have a story up at Smith Magazine as part of their online anthology of Next-Door Neighbor Stories edited by Dean Haspiel. Titled, Vs, this story was written by Alexis Sottile and I back in the day and it is a harrowing tale of my cryptozoological New York rental history! See! My terrible run-ins with vociferous fowls! Frankensteinian pooches! Tentacled jam bands! Drunken cro-magnons! Pill-pushing werewolves and many many more! IT'S ALL 100% TRUE MEMOIR COMICS AT THEIR FINEST! See you there!

Act-i-vate: PC Magazine's Top Ten Unsung Webcomics

PC magazine has posted a piece about the top ten webcomics most deserving of more recognition and the whole Act-i-vate collective was included! Eric Griffith had this to say:

Is it fair to include an entire collective of comics? When you can't pick just one, I think so. ACT-I-VATE now numbers 42 stories, written and drawn by a number of independent comic book creators, including names like Molly Crabapple, Dean Haspiel, and Dan Goldman. The stories range from a treatise on super-heroics (The Transmigration of ULTRA-Lad!), to psychedelic romance ( Kelly), to the silent film pastiche (Vulcan & Vishnu), and other oddities. If there's a downside, it's that the artists aren't always on a timetable, so many of the best stories have yet to reach a resolution. (Art from Adrew Dimitt's Drockleberry.)

To read the entire article click here.