MUSH! Advance Praise!

Graphic Novel Reporter has selected MUSH! as part of their Great Graphic Novels of Fall 2011! Thanks GNR! MUSH! Has also been positively reviewed in the PW Review for September 26:

Eichler and Infurnari tell a simple but layered story, laced with an insightful appreciation of the great gulf that exists between our species and life’s comic absurdity.

MUSH! Sled Dogs with Issues will be available in stores December 6th. Don't you dare miss it!

The Act-i-vate Primer Nominated for a Harvey Award!

This year the Harvey's have nominated a website (!) in the Best Anthology Category–! This seems to reflect a significant acknowledgment of the role digital/web comics play in our current comics landscape. Among creators (who are responsible for the nominations), it's clear that comics in digital form are comics like any other. Congratulations are in order to all the wonderful and talented creators with whom I have the privilege of being a peer at Act-i-vate. Huzzah! Well, I stand corrected. After some investigation, it turns out that is not nominated but the Act-i-vate publication, The Act-i-vate Primer is. So much for my proselytizing about the Harvey Awards embracing digital comics. Well, they did it by supporting the Act-i-vate Primer. Congratulations again to all who participated in that book! Huzzah!

Sorry for any confusion, folks!

Finder Wins Best Digital Comic!


My sincerest congratulations go out to Carla Speed McNeil! Her webcomic, Finder, won Best Digital Comic at this year's Eisner Awards! Since I didn't attend SDCC this year, the above image from Finder best captures my mental image of the ceremony. Since my webcomic, Vs., did not win, I guess I'll just politely stand in the back. That's me third from the left. Huzzah! Go read it here!

Robot 6 Covers Earth 2100

Comic Book Resources' Blog, Robot 6, gave Earth 2100 some love today, too! Jk Parkin had this to say about the project:


As Kevin mentioned yesterday, ABC News will present an environmental special called Earth 2100, which is hosted by Bob Woodruff and will feature a graphic novel-style sequences by Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, Joe Infurnari, George O’Connor, Tim Hamilton and Leland Purvis. The special runs tonight on ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern.

From Kamandi and Scout to “Old Man Logan,” comics have had a long history of detailing life after everything falls apart, and it’s pretty cool to see that ABC noticed.

Thanks, JK!

SMITH Magazine Honors Vs.

SMITH Magazine, the home for the Next Door Neighbor webcomix series has posted a notice about the recent Eisner nomination. Jeff Newelt, SMITH Magazine Comics Editor, had this to say,

Eisner Nomination for Next-Door Neighbor’s “Vs.”

SMITH Magazine congratulates Joe Infurnari and Alexis Sottile on their Eisner nomination (think Academy Awards for comics) for Best Digital Comic for “Vs.,” their virtuoso contribution to Next-Door Neighbor, SMITH’s truelife webcomic anthology, edited by Dean Haspiel. “Vs.” is the tale of Joe’s nightmarish neighborly encounters, one after another after another after another. Told as an autobiographical monologue written in verse, juxtaposed with rabid remembrances, dizzyingly visualized like a sickedelic melange of EC horror comics, The Twilight Zone, and Universal’s Monster Movies meets Cronenberg and Lynch, “Vs.” has got to be seen to be believed (and you can believe it, because it all happened). (more…)


The above image is my annotation for the page at the top of this post. Now you can read a fully annotated version of Vs. at! If you've read it at SMITH, now read it with all the supplemental information! It's like having the dvd extras for every page! Read my comments for fun factoids and real life anecdotes behind my neighborly misadventures retold in Vs.

If you like Vs. enough, please consider voting for it for the Best Digital Comic Eisner award. You can do so here:

Thanks so much for your vote, support and readership!

Vs. Nominated for an Eisner Award!

12preview.jpgLightning has struck twice! This just in, Vs., my story written with Alexis Sottile for SMITH magazine's Next Door Neighbor webcomics series, has been nominated for an Eisner award in the Digital Comics category! WOWEE ZOWEE! I'm thrilled to have been honored again this year and I want to thank Alexis for her magical wordsmithery, Dean Haspiel for his edifying editorial, Jeff Newelt for his incisive curating and SMITH magazine for their committment to bringing stories such as this to the masses. Click the image to the left to read the story and the graphic below to see the full list of nominees.eisners_logo_grey

The Transmigration of ULTRA-lad! UPDATED!


This week we return to the action at New Crown City's town square. Big changes are afoot as the Drago-saurus Mech is resurrected in another deadly form! Click the banner above or the links below for the latest updates!

To read this week's update, click here:

To read last week's update, click here:

To read from the beginning of Chapter 2, click here:

To read from the very beginning, click here:

Thanks for reading!

The Transmigration of ULTRA-lad! Best Webcomic of 2008!

[singlepic id=422 w=500 h= rel="lightbox" float="center"]My Act-i-vate webcomic, The Transmigration of ULTRA-lad! has just been dealt a significant honor by being named Comic Critique's Best Webcomic of 2008! Thank you so much, Adam McGovern and thank you Comic Critique! This is not something I expected seeing how this project is still very young but it's a welcome affirmation of my hard work.

Here's what Adam has to say,

2008 Eisner nominee Infurnari is standing at a celestial height from which the award’s namesake, the architects of early MAD, C.C. Beck, Chris Ware and Honoré Daumier can be seen clearly and their unlikely connections traced. ULTRA-Lad is faux-antiqued on simulated decomposing yellow paper in the most elegant of high-tech media, but “retro” doesn’t begin to describe this multi-directional ricochet from print-pop prehistory to the horizons of storytelling and up and down through the many layers of what it could be and never was. This is happy-warrior hero fiction better than what you remember, and dark Manichean meta-adventure with more indomitable charm than anyone else has realized is possible. Infurnari weaves a hallucinatory spell and enfolds the reader in immersive atmospheres with the lushest of stark ink and the most sparing of edible color. ULTRA-Lad is stream-of-consciousness storytelling from deep fairytale forests and the basements of mad geniuses far below utopian skyscraper kingdoms that never came. It seems random because the ideas fire so fast and assuredly that there’s no time for the artist to need overthinking or the reader to second-guess the cortical level at which the agile wordplay, dizzying humor, turbulent emotional shadings and acrobatic line enter present consciousness and comic history. It’s coming through to our continuum one page a week, completely free and pricelessly promising.

Thanks, everybody! I sincerely appreciate your loyalty, support and readership.