the Process Nominated for Webcomic of the Year!

Those fine folks over at Webcomicgeek, have nominated the Process for the Geekie award for best webcomic of 2007! It is an incredible honor to be included alongside such esteemed comics as The Perry Bible Fellowship. I am practically beside myself over it! It's so nice to have this project validated in this way. Let's face it, I'm toiling away here trying to purge my soul of this leviathan of a story with only the occasional comment, donation or T-shirt sale as my reward. It certainly is a labor powered solely by love, obsession and dedication. Any recognition by you, the reader, or a nomination such as this makes it that much better. So thank you, Webcomicgeek, and thanks to all of my faithful readers. Oh, and I can't forget the Academy…and God…and Mom…and Dad…and ah, you're all the best.