A Happy Valentine's Day from Webcomics.com!

Page 1 of 'the Process'As thorough readers of this blog already know, I'm in a bit of a pinch. This pinched nerve in my neck is sending me a constant fireworks display of pain down my arm only interrupted with periods of numbness. It's not a pleasant experience and one of the hardest things about it is how it has prevented me from doing any work. But all's not misery and woe! Webcomics.com has honored the Process as it's featured webcomic today! What a nice Valentine's Day this is! Here's what they had to say:

Webcomicgeek calls Joe Infurnari the best webcomics artist of 2007. His comic is a celebration of the creative process like no other, bursting and swarming with arresting visions.

Thank you kindly, Webcomics.com! This goes a long way…

Best Artist!? I'll Take It!

Page 27 Well, the votes are in and the tally has been taken and Webcomicgeek's best webcomic of the year goes to…Dresden Codak! Congratulations and continued success to Aaron Diaz! I was honored with the award for best artist of 2007 and I am absolutely tickled purple (tinged with shades of green, of course)! Here it is from the horse's mouth:

Best Artist goes to Joe Infurnari for The Process. His art is truly spectacular and seems to go from strength to strength as the project develops. I don’t think I can add anymore to what I’ve said previously in my rather gushing review. However, it was the spectacular image on page 14 of chapter 2 that clinched it. The idea behind this comic nearly clinched a second award and along with Rebecca Sugar’s Pug Davis, made judging the originality and invention award really difficult.

This goes a long way to numbing the pain and bring sensations to the numbness! Thanks, Webcomicgeek! See you next year!

the Process hits 100,000

the Process hits 100,000As February 1st rolled over, the Process reached an important landmark. Page loads to the site reached 100,000! For other sites, this may not seem like much but for the little webcomic that could, it's a pretty big deal and I am very happy with it. When I started this project, I never dreamt that it would take off like it has. It's still not a juggernaut but all things have to start somewhere and so far this has been a wonderful beginning. So my thanks go out to all of you out there who have visited this site regularly or just once. It's your support and readership that helps power this engine onward. Recently I have been posting a lot of stuff on the blog. It's been a busy week with the Threadless submission and Webcomicgeek's nomination. So I am condensing another news item into this post. John Parkin over at Blog@Newsarama.com has been a big supporter of this site and today he posted this little number to help generate more support for Roboto Mori on Threadless. He writes,

Joe Infurnari, the creative genius behind the webcomic The Process and the special guest artist of Wasteland #14, also designs T-shirts … his latest design, pictured above, is currently up for voting on Threadless.com, which prints shirts based on user interest (Web 2.0 at work!) If you think it’s a cool design, head over there and vote.

So there you have it. It's been a great week, folks. I'm going to get some more work done so go have yourselves a wonderful weekend.

the Process on WebComicGeek

What, me?After having been nominated for Webcomic of the Year by WebComicGeek, the site is now doing reviews of all nominees. First up is the Process! Vileboy has some amazing things to say and I have only recently been able to stop blushing! It truly is a great testament to my readers and to this project to be the subject of such insightful writing. And I quote:

Joe Infurnari’s The Process made the shortlist as a result of the gorgeous artwork and the brilliant concept.

Infurnari’s artwork is truly spectacular, he not only conjures up a weird fantasy world but also visualises the creative process at work.

This comic truly is a masterpiece of layout design. Each page is a work of art and some pages take on the complexity of a modernist mandala. Sprays of colour and complex interweaving of images that I have only ever seen successfully realised in Blade of the Immortal, until now. While Hiroaki uses his technique for the occasional center piece, Infurnari treats us to visual spectaculars far more regularly.

If that wasn’t good enough Infurnari, gives a glimpse into his creative process with detailed comments and rough sketches. It is great to see the artistic process at work and dissected so thoughtfully and reflectively.

If you consider yourself a fan of comics then The Process is a title that demands your attention with a visual insistence and a degree of intellectual playfulness rare in the form.

Is he good or what!? Thanks, Vileboy! I hope to see you next year…


the Process Nominated for Webcomic of the Year!

Those fine folks over at Webcomicgeek, have nominated the Process for the Geekie award for best webcomic of 2007! It is an incredible honor to be included alongside such esteemed comics as The Perry Bible Fellowship. I am practically beside myself over it! It's so nice to have this project validated in this way. Let's face it, I'm toiling away here trying to purge my soul of this leviathan of a story with only the occasional comment, donation or T-shirt sale as my reward. It certainly is a labor powered solely by love, obsession and dedication. Any recognition by you, the reader, or a nomination such as this makes it that much better. So thank you, Webcomicgeek, and thanks to all of my faithful readers. Oh, and I can't forget the Academy…and God…and Mom…and Dad…and ah, you're all the best.