Wasteland #14 on Sale this Week!

This Wednesday, Wasteland #14 will be on sale at your local comic book shop! This book is a stand-alone story illustrated by me. If you've ever been curious about the world created by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten, here's a great opportunity to get a taste without having to know the whole continuity so far. As always, the book features a great cover by artist, Ben Templesmith. Here's the synopsis for this issue:

When a mysterious stranger arrived in Providence it changed the lives of Doc, Abi, and the rest of the town forever... But that wasn't Michael’s first visit! Series writer Antony Johnston and Special Guest artist Joe Infurnari (BORROWED TIME) spin a tale from the ruin runner's past that holds hints of his future!

I had a blast doing this and I hope you pick yourself up a copy and enjoy a good read!

Wasteland #14 Cover by Ben Templesmith