Robot 6 Covers Earth 2100

Comic Book Resources' Blog, Robot 6, gave Earth 2100 some love today, too! Jk Parkin had this to say about the project:


As Kevin mentioned yesterday, ABC News will present an environmental special called Earth 2100, which is hosted by Bob Woodruff and will feature a graphic novel-style sequences by Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, Joe Infurnari, George O’Connor, Tim Hamilton and Leland Purvis. The special runs tonight on ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern.

From Kamandi and Scout to “Old Man Logan,” comics have had a long history of detailing life after everything falls apart, and it’s pretty cool to see that ABC noticed.

Thanks, JK!

Earth 2100's Comics Crew on Mtv Splash Page!

Mtv's comics related blog, Splash Page, has posted about Earth 2100's comics cred. Here's an excerpt.

Earth 2100

The centerpiece of the special, titled “Earth 2100,” will take the form of a first-person, fictional narrative by a 91-year-old woman born on June 2, 2009. While the special is peppered with scientist interviews, simulations and user-created videos about the potential effects of climate change, the bulk of the two-hour program will involve the narrator’s account of life in the year 2100, told using animated “graphic novel elements.”

Among the creators who contributed these comics-style elements are several members of Act-I-Vate, the prominent New York City-based webcomic collective, including Josh Neufeld (”A.D.: New orleans After The Deluge”) and Joe Infurnari (”Jersey Gods,” “The Process”).

Read the rest of Rick Marshall's piece, Comic Creators Play Big Role In Tonight’s ‘Earth 2100’ Special, at Mtv Splash Page!

Earth 2100 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! TONIGHT

dailyshowABC Correspondent, Bob Woodruff, is tonight's guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He'll be discussing Earth 2100 and will likely show clips from tomorrow night's broadcast. Hopefully they will show new footage of some of the animated illustrations. The Daily Show airs on Comedy Central at 11pm EST. Earth 2100 airs tomorrow, June 2nd, at 9pm EST on ABC.

Earth 2100


Over the last few months I've had the privilege of working with the post-production team at GuerrillaFx to create animated Graphic Novel elements for a very special television project called Earth 2100 for ABC News. Illustrations by yours truly as well as those of my studiomate, George O'Connor and Deep6ers, Tim Hamilton and Leland Purvis were all used to create these animations. This two hour television event uses these illustrated segments to put a human face to the predictions made by experts about the changes to our civilization and our planet over the course of this century.

Click the image above to see a news piece about the Earth 2100. The special airs June 2nd at 9pm on ABC.