the Process has a poll!

I'm planing on offering a draw for email subscribers and I wanted to find out what readers would like to see most as the prize. That's where this poll comes in. Head on over there now and vote for what you would like to see offered as a giveaway. There's unused art, original color sketches, cardboard constructions, T-shirts and books all available for your vote in what you would like to win! Once I've gotten enough votes, I'll announce the winning prize and soon thereafter I'll start the drawing. Any email subscriber will be automatically entered to win. Isn't this exciting! Okay, git on over there and vote! While you're there, you can also see some of the new design tweaks I've applied to the Process blog. There's a new banner highlighting the current page, the addition of sticky posts and announcements and subtle post header coloring. I can barely contain myself!