The Act-i-vate Primer Nominated for a Harvey Award!

This year the Harvey's have nominated a website (!) in the Best Anthology Category–! This seems to reflect a significant acknowledgment of the role digital/web comics play in our current comics landscape. Among creators (who are responsible for the nominations), it's clear that comics in digital form are comics like any other. Congratulations are in order to all the wonderful and talented creators with whom I have the privilege of being a peer at Act-i-vate. Huzzah! Well, I stand corrected. After some investigation, it turns out that is not nominated but the Act-i-vate publication, The Act-i-vate Primer is. So much for my proselytizing about the Harvey Awards embracing digital comics. Well, they did it by supporting the Act-i-vate Primer. Congratulations again to all who participated in that book! Huzzah!

Sorry for any confusion, folks!