Pood #1 Hits Fans this Week!

This Wednesday sees the arrival of the Pood #1 anthology by Big If Comics to comic shops everywhere! Here's the skinny according to those in the know:

Featuring: Joe Infurnari, Jim Rugg, Sara Edward Corbett, Chris Capuozzo, Connor Willumsen, Hans Rickheit, Bishakh Som, Adam McGovern, Paolo Leandri, Lance Hansen, Mark Sunshine, Tobias Tak, Andrew Vera Martinez, Fintan Taite, Henrik Rehr, Kevin Mutch, Geoff Grogan.

Pood is a larger, broadsheet-style comics anthology in the manner of DC Comics' Wednesday Comics, featuring 16 of today's most exciting alternative comics creators. Celebrating the variety and style of Sunday comics sections of the pre-World War II-era, each creator has a full page to display their dynamic talents in strips of comedy, adventure, parody, and science fiction.

All this for the great price of only $4! How could you go wrong!? You can't. Here are some samplings of reviews of Pood #1:

"One of the Best Comics from the 2010 MoCCA Art Festival" New York Daily News

"The most interesting release - the most "buzzworthy" release of the entire (MoCCA 2010) show, really, was pood #1, from Big If Comics. pood is an oversized newsprint anthology, with plenty of great-looking artists featured inside." Timothy Callahan comicbookresources

"Pood pushes the envelope so far that it becomes a promise of what comics can be and an always-welcome reminder that there is no limit to the kinds of stories comics can be used to tell." Louis Vitela ComicCritique

"Truly an awesome comics experience, both to hold and to read... an incredibly entertaining read. It’s an experience you won’t find easily matched in today’s comics.... something that you won’t want to miss!" Tyler Chin-Tanner Broken Frontier

If your local comics shop doesn't stock it, please ask for it using Diamond Order code: MAY100817. If you are need of finding your local comics shop, visit www. comicshoplocator.com.]