More Loony Sharpie Doodles!

Now we're getting somewhere! After a few doodles where I started to incorporate larger areas of color, this one takes it to its logical conclusion and makes the whole drawing a patchwork of color. That then becomes a ground on which I do a bunch of doodles in darker marker. Those doodles themselves merge to form some sort of skull! Pretty nifty! The other doodle like this is below the cut.

In this drawing I've taken the same approach but this time I included the dark blue marker as part of the color patches. The other line drawings over top are done in brown, black and silver markers. I think the skull drawing ties first one together in way that isn't happening here. This is just a rather random assortment of motifs and elements. I probably had to do this drawing before I could go ahead with the next batch. They are more successful that this and I'll be posting them up very soon. Thanks for reading!