Commissioned Sketch: Ultra-Lad!

I recently received a commission for a color sketch depicting Ultra-Lad, y'know that non sequitur character from page 20 of the Process? Well, here he is again in all his glory! Ultra-Lad!

This is a fine example of the kind of color sketches I can do for YOU when you make a donation of at least $50. Have a favorite character or situation you would like to see me illustrate? Well, hit that there 'donate' button, add the appropriate dollar amount with your sketch request and click 'send'! Very soon you'll be receiving a little piece of wonder like this in the mail.

What, you say, "you're still hyping!?" YES, cuz this sketch request was very well timed as I am planning on developing this character further. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll never guess where he'll turn up next!

Eisner Voting Now Online!

Hey, Industry Professionals! It's that time again where we all vote for our favorite Eisner nominees. This year, as many of you already know, I've been nominated in the Best Digital Comic category for the Process. This is a huge deal to me so if you haven't already seen the webcomic, go check it out. Your journey through the Process starts here. When you're done, head on over to the Eisner voting website, and cast your vote for your favorites. If you took a shine to the Process and think it deserves wider recognition, I would very much appreciate your vote! Thanks for your support, everyone!

the Process has a poll!

I'm planing on offering a draw for email subscribers and I wanted to find out what readers would like to see most as the prize. That's where this poll comes in. Head on over there now and vote for what you would like to see offered as a giveaway. There's unused art, original color sketches, cardboard constructions, T-shirts and books all available for your vote in what you would like to win! Once I've gotten enough votes, I'll announce the winning prize and soon thereafter I'll start the drawing. Any email subscriber will be automatically entered to win. Isn't this exciting! Okay, git on over there and vote! While you're there, you can also see some of the new design tweaks I've applied to the Process blog. There's a new banner highlighting the current page, the addition of sticky posts and announcements and subtle post header coloring. I can barely contain myself!

the Process Blog has a New Look!

Today I went for it and I updated the look of this blog. I am much happier with this theme as it is more in line with the rest of the site. It's a rework of Ghyslain Armand's wonderful theme, Margot. You can get it for your own blog at his website, There will probably be a period of working out some kinks but I think it's pretty much there. If you encounter anything weird with it please leave a comment and I'll get to it asap. Okay, back to the drawing board!

Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for Joe! Instead of the old news site which was a real clunker to update, I've created this blog. Now updating will be so much easier and therefore more frequent with larger images, easier navigation and comments. All of the features that I plan to add are not yet in place so expect changes for the next little while. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay at Joe!