Whenever Warmup Sketch: Baby Monkey Chimera

I'm posting this a little late but yesterday's theme at Drawbridge was, 'Chimera'. I knew this was a setup for a tie-in with a certain infectious Youtube clip because the day before George O'Connor kept singing the video's earworm jingle. It near drove me insane. The above drawing is the result. Here's the clip in question. Warning: If you watch this it's almost guaranteed you will lose hours of your day humming or singing the melody.

[pro-player width='530' height='253' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_sfnQDr1-o[/pro-player]


Whenever Warmup Sketch: Bionic Bigfoot has a Posse!

On Drawbridge today, the theme is Bionic Bigfoot! I loved the Six Million Dollar Man television show as a kid and the bigfoot storyline was a huge deal. As some of you may know, Andre the Giant played the bigfoot! How cool is that!? So here's my take on the whole thing…