San Diego Comic-con 2008: A Brief Summary

So right off the top, I didn't win the Eisner, folks. The award for Best Digital Comic went to Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon. I'm totally fine with this because, as many have already told me, it's still an honor to have been nominated. It sure has been a great ride since the nominations were announced and I am pleased with how well things have developed. Too Much Coffe Man Skull Shirt

San Diego Comic-con 2008 was largely about networking for me. I met a ton of people and had a great time socializing and taking in the sights. One major highlight would have to be meeting Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man fame. Shannon joined "The Transmigration of ULTRA-lad!" group on Facebook and when I passed by his booth, I thought it would be nice to give him a postcard and thank him for his support. Little did I know how well we would hit it off! Shannon was so generous in offering his advice and assistance with publishers. Thanks to him, I will be pursuing other avenues I might not have otherwise considered. He even gave me a free Too Much Coffee Man T-shirt! WOW! This is but one of many great experiences this weekend.

Sawn and Saw

While visiting my good friend, Scott Shaw!, I met Hugh Brown. It turns out that Hugh Brown was the art director for Rhino Records' brilliant box set, "Weird Tales of the Ramones". We spent some time talking about the many cool comics contained within this package before he told me about another project. Hugh is compiling a book of spoofs of famous paintings, sculptures and photographs united by their inclusion of a chainsaw! I was so glad to have pointed him to a Neil Jenney painting titled, "Sawn and Saw". Who knows, maybe I have helped with this fun book idea in some way? Wouldn't that be cool!?

I'd also like to thank some other friends who I was able to see again: Chris, Elizabeth and Oscar Wisnia, Chip Mosher and the Boom! gang, Scott Shaw!, Captain Asskick and Ducky, Gina Gagliano, Randy, Cory, James and Joe and the rest of the Oni crew, Scott Chantler, Brian Hurtt, Jeff Lemire, Johnny Ryan, Dan Bigelow, Cecil Castelluci, Matt Silady, Antony Johnston, and Christopher Mitten. Thanks everybody!