Fablewood in Stores This Week!

Fablewood Cover This week the much anticipated anthology of fantasy comics, Fablewood, hits store shelves! The book is edited by William Ward and features work by luminaries, Ryan Ottley, JP Ahonen, Daniel Lafrance and many, many more. In it you'll also find my out of print minicomic, Mandala! The reviews are already hitting the web and the word is that Fablewood is not to be missed. Ambush Bug at Ain't it Cool News had this to say about the book:

FABLEWOOD is a feast for the eyes, the heart, and the mind. This fantasy anthology is done by a handful of talented artists and writers, all fully capable of telling the type of story that stretches the imagination. I found this book to be a real showcase of talent. I’ll go over the entire book briefly, but my observations don’t do this book justice

In his review of Mandala, Ambush Bug wrote this:

Due to the stylized font, I may misspell the writer/artist behind the wonderful reading experiment that is “Mandala”, but Joe Thfurhart’s story is one of the book’s highlights both in its mandala-shaped storytelling style and the cool mix of cavemen and giant robots.

Don't sweat it! The name mistake is a common one. It's the handle that I use on the Erotic Nights of the Norse Gods Bulletin Boards most weekends. Regardless, the compliments are greatly appreciated. Congratulations are in order for all involved and many thanks to editor, William Ward, for assembly such a talented roster of writers and artists.

Now what are you all waiting for!? Go out there and get yourself a copy! I promise you won't be disappointed.