Sharpies Rule Everything Around Me

Some nocturnal noodlins yielded these drawings last night. The photos were taken with Instagram (hence the moody filter) and if you have the app, you should follow me! My username is Infurnari!

Cats Rule Everything Around Me.

Here's a little doodle from last night's sketching. I'm thinking up some ideas for new work and this is all part of the brainstorming.


I'll be making that joke many times before this project is done but this is definitely one of those moments. Enjoy!

Marathon P143

A band of Athenian soldiers approach the hostile village of Ikara in this closeup of a page of Marathon.

Marathon P62

Quick snap of p62 of Marathon. I ink the pages out of order so any stylistic drift gets dispersed over the entire book giving it a more consistent look.

Marathon Inking Underway!

This pic comes right off the dome -I mean- the drawing board! It's a detail of an inked page from MARATHON and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can now publish images to the blog as I draw them! Look for more process photos and other random snapshots under the tag, 'Mobile'. See you soon!