The Act-i-vate Primer's First Review…

…and it comes courtesy of the Graphic NYC blog. Jared Gniewek has penned a wonderful review. Here's an excerpt:

The ACT-I-VATE Primer is a collection of 16 all new stories by the stars of the universe. Reading the whole volume in one sitting leaves one wondering what makes it a collective. It takes a minute to see because the styles are so varied but I felt that the connective tissue between each of the creators was larger than simply putting their comics online under the same umbrella.

When taken together it feels like a manifesto for the future of comics. Not as abstract as some of the creators out there, but not simple story driven either. It achieves equilibrium between fantasy and love of fantasy. This is where the form has come to at this point in history and this primer represents where it is going.

Not middle of the road either. These artists are taking the best from high and low brow comics to create intelligent, fun, and readable comics stories that know exactly what they are.

These kids know how to make comics. From the classical lines of Tim Hamilton to the sweetly simple natural curve of Mike Dawson, the styles are as varied as they come. On an individual basis the stories tend towards excellence. Tastes vary but I can honestly say that depending on the reader I could recommend each of the stories in it.

And that's but a little taste. Click here to read the rest of the review and don't forget to make time to visit your local comic book shop because The Act-i-vate Primer ships today!