Nashville Comics & Graphic Novels Examiner Loves Act-i-vate!

aivbanner Jamie Lovett of the Nashville Comics & Graphic Novels Examiner recently ranked Act-i-vate the second best place to get free comics on the internet. In his piece called, The Best Places to Find Free Comics Online, Jamie had this to say about Act-i-vate,

Act-i-vate is a "webcomix collective" conceived by Dean Haspiel and founded by eight talented comics creators including Haspiel, Nikki Cook, and Dan Goldman. The site publishes "serialized graphic novels," updated daily. Currently featured stories include The Transmigration of ULTRA-Lad!, A Mess of Everything, Montague Terrace, and Party Bear. If you're looking for the freshest talent on the web, Act-i-vate is where to head.

Thanks for the spreading the word, Jamie. Now if you're not reading comics from Act-i-vate, what's stopping you!?