Monday June 23rd: Ultra-Lad Lands at Act-i-vate!

ultralad_0.gifOkay, folks, this is the horse's mouth and I'm here to let you all know that next Monday June 23rd, Ultra-Lad will be hitting Act-i-vate! Look for the graphic to the left to be your gateway. Unlike this site, The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad will be updated regularly on a bi-weekly basis. I apologize to fans of this webcomic as I settle out my work schedule and resume posting new pages of the Process. Take heart, The Transmigration of Ultra-lad is part of the Process! As I may have already mentioned it's a future chapter that doubles as a standalone story. Here's the back story:

While rummaging through the attic of my childhood home, I found a very mysterious old comic. I had been up there to look for some of my older comics from when I was a teen and this comic, "the New Adventures of Ultra-lad" was not at all familiar to me. I did a little research on it and it appears to have been a comic printed very shortly before the "Seduction of the Innocent" controversy and as a result of that, this ashcan comic never saw print as it was ultimately intended. In fact, the New Adventures of Ultra-lad was to be the flagship of the startup, Jolly Brand Comics. Publisher Arnie F Junio had sunk all of his money into getting Ultra-lad off the ground and the whole venture collapsed when the gavel fell and the writing was on the wall for comics. The artist and/or writer for this book are not credited and I fear their name(s) are lost to posterity. So there I was with this rare comic whose art and dialogue is remarkably ahead of its time and whose story ties in strongly with my own work!  I couldn't let it  or the creators pass away into obscurity. When the opportunity to do a webcomic on Act-i-vate came up, I discussed a few possibilities with Alexis Sottile. This time around we thought I should do something unconventional and post up pages from this comic that has inspired me so much. It's a way for this lost tale to be brought to light and made available for anyone to enjoy for free. The comic itself is at times funny and campy but not without serious subtext. It deals with a lot of the issues of youth, growing up and growing old; things that will resonate with many comics readers in today's market: the older comix reader who thrills at being transported to his youth and the young comix reader who delights at Ultra-lad's outrageous feats of daring adventure and action.

So there you have it! See you next Monday at!