Commissioned Sketch: Ultra-Lad!

I recently received a commission for a color sketch depicting Ultra-Lad, y'know that non sequitur character from page 20 of the Process? Well, here he is again in all his glory! Ultra-Lad!

This is a fine example of the kind of color sketches I can do for YOU when you make a donation of at least $50. Have a favorite character or situation you would like to see me illustrate? Well, hit that there 'donate' button, add the appropriate dollar amount with your sketch request and click 'send'! Very soon you'll be receiving a little piece of wonder like this in the mail.

What, you say, "you're still hyping!?" YES, cuz this sketch request was very well timed as I am planning on developing this character further. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll never guess where he'll turn up next!