the Process Updated! New Page 29!

Readers expecting a new page 30 might be a little disappointed to see that 30 is what used to be good 'ole 29! That's because there's a new page snuck in there. I never felt 100% comfortable with the transition between page 28 and old 29. It seemed a little too abrupt with some sort of buffer needed before the photographic elements of page 30. This page heightens the disorientation, closes the ourobouros introduced in 28, furthers the cloud motif and introduces the spiral motif found in page 30. Another consideration is that when this becomes a book (cross yer fingers) page 28 and the new page 29 will be a spread and page 30 will be revealed by turning the page. It's a little more dramatic that way. So without further ado, here's the new page 29! New Page 29!