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NYCC 2015 Sketches and Prices

In advance of NYCC 2015, I've prepared a few sketches to have available at the table. Each sketch is 9"x12" ink and pencil on bristol and each drawing comes with a free PVC protective sleeve. Please come see me at Artist Alley Table U15 early to be sure to get the one you want. See you soon!

Batgirl. $100

Batman. $150.

Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max Fury Road). $120

Godzilla. $150

Ms. Marvel. $100.

Spider Gwen. $100.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. $100.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome, visitor! After many years of languishing in neglect on the internet, has been given a dusting off with a new platform (Squarespace vs. Wordpress) and a new look. There are a few new features you should know about.

The 'Events' page now has all the latest information about upcoming appearances. You'll find all that you need to connect with me IRL: table #, dates, location and times as well as a listing of books and scans of original art on hand.

If you click the 'Photos' tab, you'll get a look at my Instagram feed. I take many process photos, product shots and shenanigans there so come back often. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, click the Instagram button in the top right hand corner.

New contact email! For all questions or communiques you can reach me at 'info(at)'. Please use 'commissions(at)' for commission requests.

Easy 'Likes' system. Every blog post has a 'Like' button now so you can quickly and easily share some love anonymously. I would encourage you to like things that you enjoyed. It's really a great way for me to know what people are responding to so I can make more!

That's it! Please enjoy your stay, there are lots of free comics at both the 'Print Comics' and 'Web Comics' tabs. Have fun!

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